Sourcing raw materials :   

POCL has developed a strong network of suppliers over the years right from actual users discarding their lead based waste to yards and collectors within India and across the globe. We are always interested in developing potential suppliers across the globe.

If you have any lead based material that needs safe disposal and recycling please contact us for a quote.

  • Lead Scrap in all forms
  • Cable Sheathing, Tubes, Pipes, Sheets and others.
  • Lead Acid BatteriesChe-port
  • Lead Acid Battery Plates
  • Lead Dross
  • Solder Dross
  • Tin Scrap
  • Re-melted Lead Ingots / Bullion
  • High Antimony Lead Ingots / Bullion
  • Lead Ore
  • Lead Concentrates
  • Any other form of lead bearing material / waste


Responsible Procurement Policy

POCL understands the underlying risks and impacts associated with supply chain. Partnership based on responsible sourcing not only strengthens our supply chain, but also mitigates the risks. This helpsus to build trust among consumers and stake holders. Hence, POCL is committed to responsible sourcing.

In connection with the procurement for Lead scraps (herein called as secondary raw materials), will avoid procurement involving the following:

  • contribution to systematic and widespread human rights abuses;
  • provision of funds to conflicts;
  • money laundering;
  • bribery or fraudulent indication of places of origin;
  • funding terrorists; or
  • fraudulent transactions;

and pursue our responsibilities for the environment and sustainability in order to adequately manage the procurement of secondary raw materials. We will immediately suspend or discontinue engagement with suppliers where we identify a reasonable risk that they are sourcing from, or linked to, any party committing serious abuses.

1. Development of management system

In order to incorporate responsible sourcing practices in our day-to-day operations we established a system to enable adequate due diligence management for the supply chain of secondary raw materials.

In addition, through appointing a supply chain officer and a compliance officer, we will clarify the responsibilities and authorities for promoting responsible procurement management of secondary raw materials.

2. Implementation of education and training

We will continue to plan and implement education and training for all employees involved in the procurement of Secondary raw materials.

3. Supply chain risk assessment

For the supply chain of Secondary raw materials, POCL will identify and evaluate the negative impact risk from the following and respond thereto:

  • Human rights violations related to transportation and trading of Secondary raw material
  • Any forms of torture, cruelty, or inhuman and degrading treatment
  • Any forms of forced labour
  • Other significant human rights violations and abuses, including widespread sexual
  • violence
  • War crimes, other serious violations of international humanitarian laws, crimes against humanity, or genocide
  • Direct or indirect support to non-state armed groups
  • Bribery and falsification of places of origin.
  • Money laundering

4. Transaction monitoring and recording

For all Secondary raw materials, we will check for consistency with the information we recognize in terms of the supply chain as well as with the shipping/transportation documents and keep records appropriately.

5. Response to identified risks

As a result of risk assessment, when any sign of a risk is identified, we will try to mitigate the risk, and if risk mitigation is impossible, we will immediately decide to stop the purchase of such Secondary raw materials.

6. Strengthen company engagement with suppliers

Establishing strong and long-term relationship with our suppliers. We have not only incorporated our responsible sourcing policy in the contracts, but we are also communicating the same to our suppliers from time to time.

7. Communication

We will build and promote a mechanism which enables all employees or external stakeholders to speak anonymously about their concerns on any risk related to the supply chain of Secondary raw materials or any other newly identified risk.

8. Grievances

We believe that every grievance must be acknowledged, logged and managed consistently, with due respect for the complainant. It is acknowledged that the company’s ability to provide effective remedy is limited where a concern is raised anonymously. In such case, the company shall make reasonable efforts to provide effective remedy.


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